Department of Chemistry: Curricula

The program provides a complete curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with concentrations in Biochemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Geology, and Premedicine. A Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry Education, Grades 6-12 is also offered. The Department of Chemistry also features an interdepartmental program leading to the Master of Science degree in Environmental and Chemical Sciences.

Pre-med students should be familiar with the specific degree requirements of the institution(s) to which they may apply.

A chemistry degree can be a useful foundation for admission to pharmacy school, and students interested in pursuing careers in pharmacy or a related field may wish to consider majoring in chemistry. McNeese State University, however, plays no role and has no control over the selection and admission of students to pharmacy schools. Students should carefully consider the precise requirements of the pharmacy school of their choice (see for a listing) and ensure that all of those requirements are met in their chosen degree plan. The Chemistry Department will assist students in making course selections, however, the ultimate determination of course equivalency rests solely with the pharmacy school.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Minor in Chemistry

A minor in Chemistry can be obtained by a student who successfully completes the following courses: CHEM 101, 102, 110L, 203, 203L, 301, 301L, 302, 302L.

A minor in Geology shall consist of GEOL 101, 102, 111, 112, 304, 364 plus 6 additional hours in Geology.

Master of Science in Environmental and Chemical Sciences


The Department of Chemistry is accredited by the American Chemical Society.