Contact the Department Head (Ron W. Darbeau) for more information.

Undergraduate Students

Beginning in the Fall Semester of 2003, we will be offering two to three $300 scholarships each semester to the outstanding freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior Chemistry majors. This sum is meant primarily to offset the cost of textbooks but may be used for other non-tuition/fee costs associated with college. A cash award will rarely be given.

There are usually one to three employment opportunities that are available to Chemistry majors. Additionally, those senior Chemistry majors who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom and laboratory can expect to be appointed to proctor freshman-level general chemistry laboratory exercises. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain real and valuable working experience and supervisory skills.

The Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunity is available principally to Chemistry majors. In this program, students (usually of Junior or Senior standing) perform 6 weeks of research with a member of the Chemistry faculty. Students have the option of staying on campus (with paid room and board) and are paid a competitive stipend for their research efforts.

Graduate Students

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships are available.